Revenue Process

“The landlord comes first, every time”.
We've built our methodology around this ethos so that every client experiences a flexible, no-risk and hassle-free working relationship whenever we take occupation of a new building.

We keep things simple BUT thorough. To give you an idea of how
we put this into practice, take a look at the diagram below.

Step 1

The offer


  • Rent offer
    Quarterly in Advance)
  • Proposed Use

Tenure flexibility

2 yr lease with 3 month notice on termination or Billing Monthly License


We supply draft agreements and pay all legal fees


Occupation agreed with no security of tenure signed by statutary declaration


We adhere to a strict policy of discretion on all agreements

Step 2

During the occupation

Site work

All preparation works needed for intended use are paid for by
Meanwhile Commercial


Paid on time every time it is due


We take full responsibility that sufficient usage consents for planned activity are in place


Correct insurance cover sought for activity


We provide 24/7 security and general maintenance of property

Step 3

License/lease termination


We leave the site with vacant possession and in a better condition than when we arrived

Step 4

Extend lease

We continue occupation and sign new License/Lease